March 13, 2013

Egypt's Future: Coup or Islamism?

Hazem Kandil, London Review of Books

AP Photo
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March 12, 2013
Lessons from Egypt's Student Elections
Nour Youssef, The Arabist
The results of the elections were surprising to many, particularly in major universities like Ain Shams where the MB lost in 13 (out of the 15) faculties, some of which they failed to win any seats. However, Mahmoud Kandil, an... more ››
WHEN a swarm of locusts recently engulfed Muqattam, a posh suburb of Egypt’s capital that houses the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters, humorists lay in wait. “Official spokesman: locusts retreat following President... more ››
March 7, 2013
Egypt Is Sliding Toward Ruin
David Ignatius, Washington Post
 As the Muslim Brotherhood government slides toward the financial cliff, what is the right policy for the United States? That is becoming an urgent question, as Egypt's financial reserves decline and the country nears a new... more ››
March 2, 2013
Egypt Becoming the Next Iran
Nesreen Akhtarkhavari , CS Monitor
The U.S. would be well to take note of Egypt's troubling trajectory. more ››
No one in Syria expected the anti-regime uprising to last this long or be this deadly, but after around 70,000 dead, 1 million refugees, and two years of unrest, there is still no end in sight. While President Bashar al-Assad's... more ››