April 1, 2013

Boris Berezovsky and the Russian Money Problem

David Frum, National Post

AP Photo

The Berezovsky death may well be nothing more than a desperate man's sad end. The Cyprus bank crisis may be contained. But the spoil from the looting of Russia has piled too high to be contained within Russia’s own borders, and these recent stories should make Russia’s neighbours look and think twice, and then look and think again.

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March 24, 2013
The Age of the Russian Oligarch Is Over
Steve LeVine, Quartz
Boris Berezovsky, the self-made billionaire and archetypical Russian oligarch, has died at the age of 67 in London, where he had lived since falling out with the Putin-led Kremlin more than a decade ago. In a sense, his death... more ››
March 26, 2013
The Life and Fate of Boris Berezovsky
Seth Mandel, Commentary
Putin would betray Berezovsky by seeking to undo much of Gaidar’s privatization and wrest control of the oligarchs’ assets. Some challenged Putin, like the still-imprisoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky; some wavered, like... more ››
March 30, 2013
Cyprus and Russia Did Not Just Break Up
Yuri Zhukov, Foreign Affairs
Russia recently turned down a deal to save Cyprus’ banking sector. At first glance, the move looked like a huge strategic blunder. In fact, a credible offer was never on the table and Moscow needs no accord to secure its... more ››
March 28, 2013
The New Russian Mob
Joe Nocera, New York Times
I realize this is a somewhat irresponsible thought, but I keep wondering why anyone should care if some Russian oligarchs and businesses, and corrupt officials, lose a bundle in Cyprus. more ››