April 3, 2013

Blind U.S. Allies of Mass Destruction

Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald


George W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard collaborated in a war built on a lie. The evidence of lessons learnt is scant.

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March 22, 2013
In Israel, Obama Goes Back to Bush
John Podhoretz, New York Post
Obama took office in 2009 determined to alter the American relationship with Israel as part of an overall reset in US Mideast policy. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he basically said: Nah, forget it. Back to Bush. more ››
April 1, 2013
Australia's Indestructible Prime Minister
Mark Kenny, S.M. Herald
In Australia, strength has always been more ambiguous. Leading into the 1996 election, Paul Keating faced a daunting challenge. A decision was taken to go with his most defining (positive) characteristic and thus Labor's campaign... more ››
March 24, 2013
Mass Transit Is Failing Australia
Wendell Cox, New Geography
Australian urban areas are generally underserved by freeways, despite their overwhelming reliance on personal vehicle travel. At the same time, urban consolidation, “smart growth” land use policies are increasing... more ››
March 21, 2013
Australia's Brutal Coup Culture
Nick Bryant, BBC News
Australia has one of the most brutal political cultures in the democratic world, in which party leaders are dispatched with abandon. As yet another prime minister faces down a threat from her own side, has the country become the... more ››
March 23, 2013
Iraq Exposed America's Geopolitical ADHD
Mark Steyn, National Review
Foreigners see this more clearly than Americans. As Goh Chok Tong, the prime minister of Singapore, said on a visit to Washington in 2004, “The key issue is no longer WMD or even the role of the U.N. The central issue is... more ››