April 28, 2013

America's Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy

Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast

AP Photo

Obama is right not to rush to war, given our checkered past on the use of chemical weapons and the sinkhole of hatreds in Syria.

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With Syria blocking a U.N. investigation and few assets on the ground, it can be difficult to determine what happened in the reported chemical-weapons attacks. But it is important that the United States reach a conclusion, and... more ››
April 26, 2013
Obama's Empty Threats on Syria
Danielle Pletka, Global Public Square
This administration has mastered the art of defining deviancy down – particularly when it comes to the deviancy of rogue states and WMD (read Iran, North Korea, Syria). What should Obama do? Work more seriously toward the... more ››
April 26, 2013
If Syria Is Using Sarin, Obama Must Act
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
Here is a chance to make amends, not to the Iraqi victims of chemical weapons, but to the notion, shared by all non- sociopathic people, that there are things that human beings simply don’t do to each other. Obama has been... more ››
April 26, 2013
A Blurry 'Red Line'
Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic
As evidence of the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons mounts, the Obama administration has further confused matters regarding its own stated "red lines." more ››
April 26, 2013
Obama's Credibility on Iran Is at Stake
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
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