RealClearWorld Evening Edition

The Death of Chavismo's Legitimacy - Roger Noriega, The American
Al-Qaeda Is on the March - Peter Brookes, New York Post
It's the Egyptian Economy, Stupid - Mike Giglio, The Daily Beast
An Irrelevant Middle East - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
How to Close Guantanamo - Laura Pitter, Foreign Policy
We've Already Lost in Afghanistan - Michael Rubin, Commentary
Pakistan's Old Feudal Elites Struggle - Omar Waraich, Time
The Attention-Starved Teen of the Mideast - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
How to Negotiate with North Korea - Joel Wit & Jenny Town, The Atlantic
America's South China Sea Challenge - Cronin & Sullivan, The Diplomat

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

The Middle East Is a Waste of Time - Richard Haass, Foreign Affairs
Turkey's Bold Geopolitical Ambition - Robert Kaplan & Reva Bhalla, Stratfor
A Violent Uprising Is Possible ... in Canada - John Ivison, National Post
Russia's Stunning Self-Destruction - Alexei Bayer, Moscow Times
Syria a Dry Run for Iran, North Korea? - Brian Jenkins, World Report
Venezuela's Government Teeters - Carlos Montaner, Miami Herald
The CIA Buys Trouble in Afghanistan - Sarah Chayes, Los Angeles Times
Germany Has No Alternative to the Euro - Jan Kallmorgen, Bloomberg
Stop Trying to Spread Democracy - Dov Ronen, New York Times
Jihadis, Thugs Hijack Syria's Revolt - Paul Wood, The Spectator
Does China Have a Strategy? - Manning & Garrett, Asia Times
Saudi Arabia's Brutal Tribal Justice - Samuel Westrop, Gatestone Institute
Europe Needs to Talk Some Sense into America - Clara O'Donnell, CER
Why Are Buddhists Attacking Muslims? - Alan Strathern, BBC News
Why British Conservatives Flock to UKIP - Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail

RealClearWorld Editorials

Europe Needs Austerity and Growth - The Independent
Bringing the U.S. and Mexico Closer - Christian Science Monitor
Canada Should Be Open to U.S. Missile Defense - Calgary Herald
Israel Must Push Arabs, Ultra-Orthodox into Work - Haaretz

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

Has Fascism Landed in Hungary? - Michael Totten, Dispatches
A Day at Cairo's Gun Market - Nour Youssef, The Arabist
Egypt's Journalism More Vulnerable than Ever - Ursula Lindsey, Latitude
Google Recognizes 'Palestine' - Elias Groll, FP Passport