May 21, 2013

Beyond Mayor Scandal Is a Broken Toronto

Richard Florida, Globe and Mail

AP Photo

My views on Ford’s mayoralty are no secret. I’ve called him the worst mayor in the modern history of cities, an avatar for all that is small-bore and destructive of the urban fabric, and the most anti-urban mayor ever to preside over a big city. I have tracked urban affairs for three decades, and I have never seen anything like this – not in my native Newark, N.J. , which has seen so many of its mayors in legal jeopardy or behind bars, not with Marion Barry or Kwame Kilpatrick. Those were mayors of broken cities. Mr. Ford is the mayor of a thriving, growing, and in many ways model metropolis.

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May 17, 2013
Toronto Mayor in Crack Cocaine Video Scandal
Doolittle & Donovan, Star
A video that appears to show Toronto's mayor smoking crack is being shopped around by a group of Somali men involved in the drug trade. more ››
It's time for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to do the right thing for the city, and himself, and step down. more ››
May 20, 2013
Mayor, Torontonians Deserve an Explanation
Christie Blatchford, Sun
Only a Torontonian would understand the classism in this, but it was enough to say, “He’s from Etobicoke, for Christ’s sakes.” But crack was never part of the deal. I speak as someone, perhaps the only one person left... more ››
May 17, 2013
Don't Rush to Judge Toronto's Mayor
Simon Kent, Toronto Sun
We have to be prepared to believe the absolute worst of him while granting his accusers sainthood. It is hard sometimes, but until we can all see the so-called video evidence, we have to maintain the presumption of innocence for... more ››
May 18, 2013
The Most American Politician in Canada
Thomas Rogers, New Republic
ew Americans had probably heard of Rob Ford before yesterday evening, when a bizarre story about the mayor of Toronto allegedly smoking crack cocaine appeared first on Gawker and then the Toronto Star, and promptly went viral.... more ››