July 2, 2013

Obama No Longer a Global Superhero

Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

AP Photo

It has taken a long time, but the world's fantasies about Barack Obama are finally crumbling. In Europe, once the headquarters of the global cult of Obama, the disillusionment is particularly bitter. Monday's newspapers were full of savage quotes about the perfidy of the Obama-led US.

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July 2, 2013
What's a Little Spying Among Friends?
Kimberly Dozier, Associated Press
President Barack Obama had a simple answer to European outrage over new allegations that the U.S. spies on its allies: The Europeans do it too. Obama said Monday during his trip to Africa that every intelligence service in... more ››
July 1, 2013
How the NSA Targets Germany and Europe
Poitras et al., Der Spiegel
Top secret documents detail the mass scope of efforts by the United States to spy on Germany and Europe. Each month, the NSA monitors a half a billion communications and EU buildings are bugged. The scandal poses a threat to... more ››
June 27, 2013
Europe More Conservative than U.S. on Abortion
Alex Berezow, RCSci
Since the left is fond of comparing the United States to Europe – that paradise of progressive values – it is worth examining European abortion laws: They are far, far more conservative than American laws. (Yes, you read that... more ››
July 1, 2013
Germans Must Be Protected from U.S.
Poitras, Rosenbach & Stark, Spiegel
The German government has failed to protect the public from the NSA's surveillance program and should be held accountable. On both a national and an EU level, there needs to be an independent investigation into the scandal. more ››
June 24, 2013
Who's Actually Bringing 'Injury to America'?
Glenn Greenwald, Guardian
The Obama administration leaks classified information continuously. They do it to glorify the President, or manipulate public opinion, or even to help produce a pre-election propaganda film about the Osama bin Laden raid. The... more ››