July 5, 2013

Egypt Is Not Les Miserables

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

AP Photo

Western leaders had absurd expectations of the Arab spring. Now they are frantic to depict events in Cairo as not a coup.

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June 23, 2013
Arabs Can Walk & Chew Gum at the Same Time
Rami Khouri, Daily Star
It is important to recognize that one’s values-based aspiration for democratic life can be deep, genuine and stable, while one’s ability to make that aspiration a reality in a country such as Egypt today can be ponderous and... more ››
June 23, 2013
Egypt's Youth Still Clinging to 2011
Andrew Doran, Jerusalem Post
It was Egypt’s youth that initially spearheaded the revolution in 2011, in a liberal, democratic movement that ultimately brought down the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. more ››
July 1, 2013
Will Youth Protests Spread to Asia?
Robert Kelly, The Diplomat
The last few years have witnessed a wave of youth protest in developing countries, reaching even to developed states. Democracies, or regimes at least posturing nominally as democracies, have been the general target. It is... more ››
July 4, 2013
Where Does Muslim Brotherhood Go from Here?
Nathan Brown, TNR
The final, desperate hours of Mohamed Morsi, the Egyptian president ousted by the military on Wednesday, were in one sense merciful, but also pathetic. After a brief feint that called to mind the image of Salvadore Allende... more ››
June 24, 2013
'You Can't Eat Sharia'
Mohamed ElBaradei, Foreign Policy
Two years after the revolution that toppled a dictator, Egypt is already a failed state. According to the Failed States Index, in the year before the uprising we ranked No. 45. After Hosni Mubarak fell, we worsened to 31st. I... more ››