RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Terror as Egypt Slides Toward Civil War - Stefan Wolff, Conversation
Enough: It's Time for U.S. to Cut Egypt Loose - Marc Lynch, Foreign Policy
Secular-Islamist Tensions Rise in Tunisia - Mathieu von Rohr, Der Spiegel
Bahrain's Arab Spring Uprising Heats Up Again - Qhelile Nyathi, Time
The Problem Is Authoritarianism, Not Islam - Dani Rodrik, Moscow Times
Israeli Drone Strike in Sinai May Backfire - David Schenker, The Atlantic
Unsettling Question of Israeli Settlements - Matthew Duss, Am. Prospect
Afghanistan's Rare Earth Element Bonanza - Alan Dowd, The American
Japanese Debt: Tokyo's Time Bomb - Jay Zawatsky, National Interest
Yes Germany, U.S. Is Tracking You - Henryk Broder, Worldcrunch/Die Welt
India's Experiment in Economic Diplomacy - Radu Botez, The Diplomat
'American Umpire' Strikes Out - Andrew Bacevich, American Conservative

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Can't Win - David Horovitz, Times of Israel
The Increasingly Irrelevant Vladimir Putin - Tom Friedman, NY Times
Putin's Weapon in the War of Images - Benjamin Bidder, Der Spiegel
Turkey's Show Trials - Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker
The Coming Clash of Civilizations over Gay Rights - John Lloyd, Reuters
America's Global 'Stop & Frisk' Policy - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Slowdown in China Isn't Bad News - Michael Pettis, Yale Global
UK's Afghan Betrayal Would Disgust Churchill - Alex Perkins, Telegraph
China Prepares for Psychological Warfare - Aaron Jensen, The Diplomat
Gibraltar & Falklands Deny Logic of History - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
NoKo Sponsors Terror (Don't Tell State) - Josh Stanton, Weekly Standard
Arctic No Place for Military Spectacles - Matthew Farish, Globe and Mail
Tahrir Square: Where Women Go to Get Raped - Angelina Fanous, Vice
Asia Needs a Dose of Thatcherism - Francis Yeoh, Financial Times
France's Far-Right Perverts Voltaire - Marie Lemonnier, Nouvel Observ.
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RealClearWorld Editorials

Japan Should Move Forward, Not Backward - Korea Times
No Sugarcoating It: Israel Just Released Killers - Jerusalem Post
Dirty Tricks Won't Fix Israel's 'Image Problem' - Haaretz
The British Monarchy Works - Daily Telegraph