RealClearWorld Evening Edition

A Too-Humble America - John O'Sullivan, Globe and Mail
The Egyptian Debacle - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Islamic Insurgency Looms for Egypt - Eric Trager, The New Republic
We've Just Seen Britain's Sinister Side - Nick Cohen, The Spectator
The Resource Crisis Spurring Egypt's Chaos - Nafeez Ahmed, The Atlantic
Dictatorship Returns to the Nile - Der Spiegel
Europe's New Anti-Semitism - Riccardo Dugulin, Ynet News
Reopening the Mideast Pandora's Box - Andrew Gawthorpe, TNI
How Will Putin Respond to Obama's Diss? - Alexander Golts, Moscow Times
Germans See No Reason to Change - Michael Hessel, New Statesman
Al-Qaeda's Strongest Weapon in Yemen: Drones - Joseph Cox, Vice
Welcome to Greece's Guantanamo - Alain Salles, Le Monde/Worldcrunch

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Hold Our Noses and Back Egypt's Military - Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast
Obama on Egypt: The Clueless Presidency - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Egypt No Longer Matters - Bobby Ghosh, Time
A Failed Attempt at Intimidation - Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian
Putin Driving Russia into Economic Oblivion - Kim Zigfeld, PJ Media
An End to Russia-Japan Dispute? - J. Berkshire Miller, The Diplomat
Angela Merkel, Queen of Europe - Daniel Johnson, Daily Telegraph
Egypt's Dilemma - Amir Taheri, New York Post
Cairo Massacre Isn't Egypt's Tiananmen - Matt Schiavenza, The Atlantic
How Obama Got it Wrong on Egypt - Patrick Smith, The Fiscal Times
Egypt United Only in Contempt for U.S. - Mark Steyn, National Review
A Pessimistic Survey of Iraq Protests - Aymenn al-Tamimi, The National
China's Newest Political Prisoner - Hua Ze, New York Times
Africa's Monitors Must Call Out Zimbabwe - Jeff Flake, Washington Post
The Internet Won't Survive Unless We Defend It - John Negroponte, CSM
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RealClearWorld Editorials

Egypt: The Storm Before the Storm - The Economist
Egypt's Generals Can't Ignore the West Forever - Daily Telegraph
Egypt: Take the Long View - Christian Science Monitor
David Cameron Is Gambling on Germany - The Guardian