August 19, 2013

A Pessimistic Survey of Iraq Protests

Aymenn al-Tamimi, The National

AP Photo

Despite a decline in media coverage, Sunni Arab protests in Iraq continue to occur. The demonstrations reflect a widespread feeling of marginalisation among Sunni Arabs. Yet there has been scant analysis of the ideological trends within...

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TAGGED: Iraq, Sunnis, Islamists


August 6, 2013
Hezbollah's Choice
Sarah Birke, New York Times
When Hassan Nasrallah, the charismatic leader of Hezbollah, the Shiite political party and militia, gave a public speech in Beirut on Friday — something he rarely does these days for fear of assassination — he told his... more ››
August 12, 2013
Algeria and Its Islamists
Olivier Guitta, Weekly Standard
Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika returned to Algiers on July 16 after three months in a hospital in Paris. His health will prevent him from running for reelection in April, and it’s unclear whether he can run the... more ››
With deterrence on life support, and preventive war fully discredited, preemption is the world's last, best hope for security. While it is a concept that proved poorly suited to strategies for the use of weapons of mass... more ››
August 17, 2013
Four Leading Arab Cities in Flames
Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
Four of the Arab world's leading cities were engulfed in bombings, murder and chaos. more ››
August 12, 2013
Blame Those Who Brought al-Qaeda to Life
Rami Khouri, Daily Star
The revived discussion about the resurgent strengths of Al-Qaeda and its associates continues to be wrongly framed around two narratives: Is Al-Qaeda becoming stronger and posing serious new threats around the world, and, has the... more ››