October 7, 2013

The Folly of Banning Greek Neo-Nazis

James Kirchick, The Daily Beast

The Associated Press

Last June, an incident on Greek television revealed a disturbingly prescient commentary on Golden Dawn, the far-right political party whose rise over the past two years has shocked Europe. Ilias Kasidiaris, a young party member and parliamentarian, was sitting alongside two female politicians on a political chat show. When Rena Dorou, a member of the upstart radical Syriza party, challenged him over his alleged role in an assault on a university professor, Kasidiaris dumped his glass of water over her head. Outraged, Communist Party member Liana Kanelli stood up in protest to reprimand him, leading Kasidiaris—chivalrous young fascist that he is—to slap the 58-year-old woman hard across the head three times.

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