December 3, 2013

Obama Stands Tough Against China

Benny Avni, New York Post

The Associated Press

Vice President Joe Biden landed in Tokyo on Monday to start an Asia trip where he was supposed to talk about trade and renew America’s vow to turn our gaze to the Pacific. Now, thanks to some brazen Chinese maneuvering, we may need to do more than talk.

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November 27, 2013
U.S, Japan's Logic on Air Zone Ridiculous
Wu Liming, Xinhua
Their logic is simple: they can do it while China can not, which could be described with a Chinese saying, "the magistrates are free to burn down houses while the common people are forbidden even to light lamps." more ››
November 27, 2013
A Welcome Show of Strength from Obama
Max Boot, Commentary
Perhaps this is what the Pacific pivot means. The Obama administration is telegraphing weakness, indecision, and retreat in the Middle East but is showing some welcome spine in the Far East. more ››
November 27, 2013
Abe's 'New Nationalism': Troubling Throwback?
Simon Tisdall, Guardian
The escalating standoff in the Pacific is seen by Beijing and Seoul as proof that Japan is reviving its military mindset. more ››
November 30, 2013
China's Show of Force Turns into a Farce
Hannah Beech, Time
China's show of force becomes a farce. more ››
November 27, 2013
China May Have Overplayed Its Hand
David Pilling, Financial Times
China’s aim appears to be to change the facts on the ground – or, in this case, in the air. Its new zone challenges Japan’s longstanding de facto control of the islands, which it incorporated into its territory... more ››