December 4, 2013

America's War Fatigue Helps China's Rise

Alexander Botting, The Hill

The Associated Press

America is surrendering Central Asia to China.

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November 28, 2013
U.S. Isn't Leaving the Mideast, Unfortunately
Seumas Milne, Guardian
The Iran nuclear deal is a product of the failure of the war on terror. It should at least hand more control to the region's people. more ››
November 28, 2013
Cry Munich, and Let Slip the Dogs of Hyperbole
Greg Scoblete, RCW
It never seems to dawn on commentators complaining about the loss of U.S. leverage in the region that during the Reagan presidency (the one neocons pine for), one of the largest wars since the second World War was fought in the... more ››
November 28, 2013
Can the GOP Return to Its Realist Roots?
Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Dwight Eisenhower ran as a Republican realist who tempered the isolationism of Robert Taft as well as the crackpot, conspiracy-mongering anti-communism of Joseph McCarthy. Richard Nixon was a tough-minded, traditional Republican... more ››
November 28, 2013
Will U.S.-China Game Play Out in Thailand?
Walter Russell Mead, TAI
As Thailand edges uneasily toward a new political era, Americans and others will be watching to see whether political change at home implies change in its foreign policy. In a worse-case scenario, China and the United States... more ››
November 28, 2013
China's Limited Influence
Ian Bremmer, New York Times
In today’s media-driven world, soft power is another crucial element of superpower influence. Yet, beyond the inaccessibility of China’s language for most foreigners and their indifference to its social trends,... more ››