December 5, 2013

The Tragedy of London

Sean Thomas, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

Here’s a typically London story. The poet Dylan Thomas used to live on my street, in Camden. There is a plaque down the road honouring that fact. I’d like to say he came here for the architectural loveliness of the nearby Nash Terraces, but no: he came here because it was a grubby slum, with cheap basement lodgings – somewhere befitting an impoverished scribbler, saddled with a sweary wife and three noisy kids. Thomas duly hated the place. In December 1951 the poet wrote of “our new London house of horror, on bus and night lorry route, and opposite railway bridge and shunting station”. He was delighted to escape four years later. However, I wish he’d stuck around for the next six decades: it would be interesting to have his eloquent opinion on the changes hereabouts.

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