December 6, 2013

China's Viral National Screed Against West

Rachel Lu, Tea Leaf Nation

The Associated Press

“You are nothing without your motherland.” It’s a trite phrase, one that seems unlikely to stir the blood of even the most dyed-in-the-wool nationalist — but it has found recent currency in China. An essay with that title has been making the rounds on the Chinese Internet since mid-November; it then went viral in early December, with state media giving the rant widespread play. The spike in attention occurred just before a visit from U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at a...

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Beijing’s recent announcement that it will assert rights over a newly declared “air defense identification zone” off its coastline is its latest move in its face-off with Tokyo over who owns some forlorn rocks... more ››
December 2, 2013
China's Lunar Leap
If one wished to compare the international space race to Aesop’s famous fable about the tortoise and the hare, the only reasonable choice would be to cast China as the plodding but determined turtle. When China for the first... more ››
December 2, 2013
How Will a Rising China Behave?
Frank Ching, Yale Global
HONG KONG: Ending months of speculation before the meeting of the Communist Party's Third Plenum and days of suspense since its conclusion, Beijing has revealed its reform plan. A 20,000-character document, called the "Decision... more ››
December 2, 2013
The War That Made Asia
Taylor Washburn, The National Interest
Compared with the global conflicts of the subsequent century—and even the great struggles of that which preceded it—the war that broke out on the Korean Peninsula in the summer of 1894 was a brief and relatively... more ››
Much of the coverage of China’s November 23 announcement of a new Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over waters claimed by Japan and South Korea has focused on the reactive and blundering nature of Chinese diplomacy.... more ››