December 7, 2013

The Frogs of War

Freddy Gray, Spectator

The Associated Press

What happened to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys? Just over a decade ago, the French, having refused to join the allied adventure in Iraq, were the butt of every hawkish joke. (Remember ‘Freedom fries’? Oh how we laughed.) Now, as America and Britain are beating a retreat from the world stage, France has turned into the West’s most reliable interventionist.

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December 5, 2013
France's Extreme, Right-Wing Party
Aurelien Mondon, The Conversation
Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, recently threatened to sue anyone who labelled her party as “extreme right”. This is interesting in many respects, most notably because it demonstrates the... more ››
December 5, 2013
Why Do the French Think Bob Dylan's Racist?
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December 6, 2013
Hollande Doctrine on Display Again in Africa
Simon Tisdall, Guardian
The country is using military intervention in Africa for humanitarian means -- but also to boost its leader's polls. more ››
December 6, 2013
French Troops Move into Central African Republic
Krista Larson, AP
French troops rumbled into Central African Republic on Friday, trying to quell violence in the capital a day after armed Christian fighters raided Muslim neighborhoods, leaving nearly 100 people dead. France began sending... more ››
December 7, 2013
There Is a Clash of Civilizations
Alain Finkielkraut , Der Spiegel
French society is under threat, argues philosopher Alain Finkielkraut in a controversial new book. The conservative spoke to SPIEGEL about what he sees as the failure of multiculturalism and the need for better integration of... more ››