December 7, 2013

The Real Arab Spring

Norman Lebrecht, Standpoint

The Associated Press

Coming out of a movie last month in one of those edge-of-town malls that disfigure Israeli conurbations, I ran into a conga line of men, women and children shuffling their way into a McDonald's. The men wore T-shirts and jeans, the women flowery headscarves and varied outfits. Several danced along in silly conical hats. It was someone's birthday, by the look of it.

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December 2, 2013
Why Are Things Bad in the Mideast? Read Genesis
Edward Platt, Aeon
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December 3, 2013
Middle East Mess Isn't About Settlements
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
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December 3, 2013
Is the Iran Deal Camp David 2?
Marc Lynch, Foreign Policy
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Dehumanizing imagery, like the sport of knocking Jews senseless, deserves official America’s resounding and resolute admonition. Anything less betrays double-standards. more ››
December 1, 2013
Kerry Hasn't Saved -- or Destroyed -- the Mideast
David Rohde, Reuters
President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry appear to have run the table in Middle East diplomacy. An interim nuclear agreement with Iran has been reached, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are underway and peace... more ››