December 7, 2013

Ukraine Rejecting Europe May Be a Blessing

E. Wayne Merry, The National Interest

The Associated Press

The failure of Ukraine to sign an association agreement with the European Union has provoked gloom and outrage on both sides of the Atlantic. Are these reactions justified?

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December 6, 2013
Putin Saved Ukraine from Catastrophe
Edward Lozansky, Moscow Times
There is hardly any serious political observer who would not agree that a couple of months ago President Vladimir Putin saved the U.S. from yet another disastrous military adventure in Syria. Now Putin has saved Europe from the... more ››
November 29, 2013
What Ukraine Failure Says About EU Weakness
Claire Gatinois, Monde
Once again, Europe has disappointed. In the southern countries, the European Union is stirring up the anger and the disgust of its population. In the East, people are also protesting. With one massive difference though: The... more ››
December 6, 2013
Ukraine Spared the EU and Itself
Pekka Sutela, Bloomberg
Much has been said about the defeat the European Union suffered with Ukraine’s sudden refusal to sign a trade and association agreement. The contrary is true: The EU has had a lucky escape and so have the Ukrainian people. more ››
November 29, 2013
Europe Is Losing Putin's Game
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post
This week, Ukrainians learned that their country really does lie on a fault line between two civilizations. This does not mean they are enduring a “clash of civilizations” or a religious conflict of the sort once famously... more ››
It is a salutory reminder to those of us in the “old” jaded Europe, the home these days of some pretty virulent Euroscepticism, that there are plenty of people still out there who badly want to join this maligned club. more ››