December 9, 2013

Containing Iran the Least Awful Choice

George Will, National Post

The Associated Press

The logic of nuclear deterrence has not yet failed in the 64 years since the world acquired its second nuclear power. This logic does not guarantee certainty, but, says Pollack, “the small residual doubt cannot be allowed to be determinative.” His basic point is: “Our choices are awful, but choose we must.” Containment is the least awful response to Iran’s coming nuclear capability.

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December 2, 2013
How Obama Can Win Over Congress on Iran
Ray Takeyh, Politico
If the White House wants talks to move toward a more comprehensive disarmament deal, it will need to make its case not just to allies in the region but also to a skeptical congressional audience -- and soon. For the Iranians, a... more ››
December 2, 2013
Why the Big Fuss over a Small Iran Deal?
Fareed Zakaria, Time
Critics of the agreement with the rogue state worry it may be the start of a beautiful friendship. It isn't. more ››
The engagement with Iran confirms a seriousness about negotiation long absent that could furnish a key for Syrian peace talks. more ››
December 2, 2013
The Ayatollah's Windfall
Ottolenghi & Ghasseminejad, National Post
If any proof was needed that the nuclear compromise hammered out in Geneva last month between Iran and the six world powers is a mistake, look no further than the psychological impact it had on Iran’s sanctions’ battered... more ››
The Geneva nuclear treaty with Tehran offers the West new opportunities and could change the world. But secret documents suggest it is the hardliners in Iran who stand to profit the most from the new opening. The clear losers... more ››