December 9, 2013

U.S. Needs Fresh Approach on Foreign Policy

David Ignatius, Washington Post

The Associated Press

The crackup ahead lies in the mismatch between the challenges facing America and the public’s willingness to support activist foreign policy to deal with them. Simply put: There is a splintering of the traditional consensus for global engagement at the very time that some big new problems are emerging.

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December 5, 2013
American Isolationism at 50-Year High
Max Fisher, Washington Post
Americans appear to be less interested in U.S. foreign engagement that at any other time over the last half-century, judging by a Pew poll that has been measuring U.S. public opinion since 1964. The poll found an all-time... more ››
November 27, 2013
The Strangely Fragile U.S.-Israel Relationship
Dan Larison, AmCon Mag
Normal bilateral ties allow for states to have genuine and significant disagreements over policy, and the less space that is permitted for such disagreements the more rigid and unhealthy the relationship tends to be. The fact... more ››
November 27, 2013
An American Neurotic in Paris
Pamela Druckerman, New York Times
I’m aware that there are worse things to be than an American in Paris. You could be, for example, a Congolese in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But as I spend my 10th Thanksgiving here, permit me a moment of reflection.... more ››
Since taking office in November 2012, Xi has instituted a number of policies that demonstrate a solidification of control of the Communist Party and a streamlining of China's bureaucracy. But, in doing so he's liberally borrowing... more ››
November 27, 2013
A Welcome Show of Strength from Obama
Max Boot, Commentary
Perhaps this is what the Pacific pivot means. The Obama administration is telegraphing weakness, indecision, and retreat in the Middle East but is showing some welcome spine in the Far East. more ››