December 10, 2013

An Insurgent Prevails in Delhi

Samanth Subramanian, The New Yorker

The Associated Press

Delhi is too hard-bitten a city to shock easily, but it reeled on Sunday morning, as the votes were tallied for the state-assembly election held last week. The upstart Aam Aadmi Party, barely a year old and still starry-eyed about the transformative power of politics, was expected to be little more than a minor nuisance for its two larger rivals. The Indian National Congress, which has ruled Delhi for fifteen years (and has run the country at the head of a coalition since 2004), and the Bharatiya Janata Party were masters of the dark art of voter mobilization. Their systems of patronage had been entrenched for decades. An idealist upstart like the A.A.P., which was founded to carry forward the agenda of a checkmated anti-corruption campaign, wasn’t supposed to stand any chance at...

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If elections this week in five Indian states portend of anything, it is that the Congress party is in deep trouble. Exit polls indicate the party will lose decisively to the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in four of... more ››
December 7, 2013
India's Powerful Lesson
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian
There are to be five days of national mourning for Nelson Mandela – not in South Africa, but in India. I know because I happened to wake to the news of his death in Delhi, where the grieving for Mandela is as intense as... more ››
December 9, 2013
The Rout of India's Congress Party
The Hindu
For the Congress, the humiliation in Delhi was more crushing than the defeats elsewhere. More ignominious than the failure to win Madhya Pradesh after two successive defeats and the fall of the Congress government in Rajasthan... more ››
December 4, 2013
India's Troubled Soldiers
Sudha Ramachandran, The Diplomat
A string of incidents involving indiscipline and insubordination in the Indian armed forces has set off alarm bells in India’s defense establishment. Since May last year, there have been at least four violent clashes between... more ››
November 30, 2013
The India Problem
John Upton, Slate
Why is it thwarting every international climate agreement? more ››