December 10, 2013

China Is Failing Its Families

Joel Kotkin & Wendell Cox, New Geography

The Associated Press

China's recent decision to reverse – at least in part – its policy limiting most couples to one child marks a watershed in thinking about demographics. Yet, this reversal of the 30-year policy may prove unavailing due to reasons – notably dense urbanization and high property prices – that work against people having more children.

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December 5, 2013
China's True Achilles' Heel? Oil Dependency
Zhang Huanyu, Caixin
Concerns grow in Beijing, especially as the American boom in shale-gas production is helping the U.S. move toward energy independence. more ››
December 5, 2013
Draw the Red Line on China Now
Brahma Chellaney, Globe and Mail
As China accumulates economic and military power, it has increasingly taken to ratcheting up territorial disputes with multiple neighbours. It’s seeking to alter the territorial and maritime status quo. more ››
December 5, 2013
East Asia's Wannabe Hegemon
Jim Talent, National Review
China has refused to engage in multilateral talks over its claims or submit them to arbitration in accordance with international law. Instead, the Chinese are using “coercive but non-kinetic” means of asserting their... more ››
Hang on, isn’t David Cameron supposed to be in China to drum up orders for British firms? Why, then, instead of focusing on the business in hand, is he giving so many briefings to journalists about matters entirely... more ››
December 5, 2013
China Makes Trouble with Japan
Chicago Tribune
Asia is 13 years into the 21st century, but the conflicts of the 20th and 19th centuries are anything but history. Last week, China imposed air-traffic rules for a section of the East China Sea that includes a set of barren... more ››