December 17, 2013

China in 2014: The Three Rs

Robert Daly, Global Public Square

The Associated Press

Three stories dominate American coverage of China at the close of 2013: the recent plenum that outlined China’s direction for the next decade, China’s establishment of an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea, and Beijing’s delayed issuance of visas to American journalists. The common thread in these stories is Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping. Xi’s vision and political acumen are the driving force behind reform proposals that could reshape China. Xi would have had to sign off on an ADIZ that has deepened suspicion that China seeks regional hegemony. And Xi has spearheaded a year-long campaign against freedom of information that may culminate in the closing of the China offices of Bloomberg and the New York...

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December 12, 2013
Japan's Morally Troubled Revival
Robert Kaplan & Matt Gertken, Stratfor
The ostensible reason for Japan's military revival, aside from North Korea's oft-cited nuclear weapons and missile programs, is China's maritime territorial encroachments -- particularly in the East China Sea where the two... more ››
December 11, 2013
Asia's Historical Furies
Jaswant Singh, Project Syndicate
A country’s foreign policy is supposed to be aimed, first and foremost, at advancing its national interest. But, in large parts of Asia, the national interest – whether building commercial ties or bolstering security... more ››
December 12, 2013
China's Shadow Currency
Matthew Lowenstein, The Diplomat
China’s economy is straining to keep up a semblance of its former growth rate. The surest sign is the way a shadow market in bank paper has evolved to substitute the commodity that China is increasingly running short of: cash. more ››
December 12, 2013
China's War on International Norms
Jeffrey Hornung, National Interest
China’s declaration of a new air-defense identification zone (ADIZ) has further destabilized an already volatile situation. On November 23, China’s Ministry of National Defense unilaterally announced the establishment of an... more ››
December 13, 2013
This Chinese Revolt Would Change the World
Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
Freeing the renminbi currency will transform China's economy and give the UK -- with its key position in international capital markets -- with a once-in-a-century opportunity. more ››