December 18, 2013

Meet Shamate, China's Most Hated Subculture

Kevin Tang, BuzzFeed


China’s young rural poor favor shamate fashion, a gawky blend of goth, glam and anime. Their urban peers can’t stop ridiculing them.

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December 5, 2013
China Makes Trouble with Japan
Chicago Tribune
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December 5, 2013
East Asia's Wannabe Hegemon
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December 5, 2013
China's True Achilles' Heel? Oil Dependency
Zhang Huanyu, Caixin
Concerns grow in Beijing, especially as the American boom in shale-gas production is helping the U.S. move toward energy independence. more ››
December 8, 2013
Time for America to Get Tough with China?
Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast
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