December 19, 2013

Don't Wait for Merkel to Fix Europe's Problems

Martin Kettle, The Guardian

The Associated Press

David Cameron hopes the German chancellor will help him keep Britain in the EU, but she's focused on her own country.

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December 10, 2013
Don't Expect Germany to Stand Up to Russia
John Vinocur, WSJ
The truth is, no German bottom line exists on Russia's power plays. Berlin repeatedly projects its own psyche onto Moscow's reflexes, believing that it, too, will shy from confrontation; that it is ready to accept a... more ››
December 8, 2013
France & Germany: A Loveless Marriage
A. Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Germany has another five years or so of illusory hegemony in Europe before it all gives way to demographic fundamentals. The younger Entente of France and Britain will take the lead again, buttressed by the high fertility Nordic... more ››
December 17, 2013
Germany's Coming Downgrade
Eijffinge & Mujagic, Project Syndicate
Germany’s public debt is higher than the Netherlands’, especially considering that the Dutch have a natural-gas supply worth well over 20% of GDP and pension-fund savings of some €1 trillion ($1.37 trillion), or... more ››
December 10, 2013
Is China Repeating Germany's Mistakes?
Richard Gwyn, Toronto Star
China is displaying the same kind of ability to anger and alarm almost all its neighbors as the old Germany once did. more ››
December 11, 2013
Why Is Germany Getting Tough on Russia?
Jakob Augstein, Der Spiegel
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