December 27, 2013

The Putin-Yanukovych Anti-West Pact

Lilia Shevtsova, The American Interest

The Associated Press

Victor Yanukovych has presented his nation as a gift to Vladimir Putin, but the Ukrainian people have gathered in Kiev’s Independence Square to resist this move. Violence is still possible, and more is at stake than just the political future of one country.

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December 17, 2013
Time for the EU to Play Hardball with Ukraine
Bartlomiej Nowak, GMF
Without a doubt, Ukraine is a European country. Invoking the validity of article 49 of the EU basic treaty, which states that any European country that respects EU values and fulfils their criteria may become a member, would cost... more ››
December 26, 2013
Yanukovych Regime Occupies Ukraine
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December 20, 2013
Ukrainian People Lose in Russia Deal
Anders Aslund, Foreign Policy
Vladimir Putin's Dec. 17 meeting in Moscow with Ukraine's politically besieged president, Viktor Yanukovych, must be viewed as quite a victory for Putin. The Russian president's first feat was to tie financially troubled... more ››
December 19, 2013
Putin's Bold $15 Billion Bet on Ukraine
Gilbert Doctorow, Moscow Times
The television broadcasts Tuesday showing President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych announcing their agreement on rapprochement, sealed by $15 billion in loans... more ››
December 16, 2013
Ukraine Is the New Georgia
Max Seddon, BuzzFeed
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