December 30, 2013

Euro-Enthusiasts' Contempt for the Masses

Daniel Hannan, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

How do you get a poll to register a large majority in favour of EU membership? Easy. Confine your survey to quangocrats, charity heads, civil servants, CEOs of multi-national corporations and the like.

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December 19, 2013
Cameron Will Ram Through EU Referendum
Daniel Hannan, Telegraph
Ed Miliband had hoped that the EU issue would go away. He doesn’t trust us with a referendum, but he knows it’s unpopular to say so. Hence the degrading sight of Labour MPs seeking to talk out the In/Out... more ››
December 23, 2013
EU Is a Myth We're Brainwashed to Believe
Boris Johnson, Telegraph
The experts solemnly assured us that something was vital for our safety and security – and it turns out that they were talking through the backs of their necks. I wonder, sometimes, whether we will see the same phenomenon... more ››
December 17, 2013
How Britain Returned to Growth
George Osborne, Wall Street Journal
As the U.S. and Britain recover from the Great Recession, the question being asked of advanced economies like ours is this: Do we now face secular stagnation and long-term decline, so that it simply won't be possible to promise... more ››
December 19, 2013
To Secure Peace, Europe Must Be Ready to Fight
Catherine Ashton, WSJ
To remain true to its nature, the EU needs the capabilities to protect its values in its neighborhood and beyond. more ››
December 20, 2013
EU Is in Denial over Its Failed Currency
Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
Rarely has the economic gulf that separates the English-speaking world and continental Europe looked quite as wide as it does today. While much of the eurozone remains mired in an economic funk, Britain and America are recovering... more ››