December 30, 2013

The Island at the End of the Earth

Thomas Martienssen, BBC News

The Associated Press

It is one of the most isolated island communities in the world. The tiny Pacific island of Palmerston is visited by a supply ship twice a year - at most - and the long and hazardous journey deters all but the most intrepid visitors. What's more, most of its 62 inhabitants are descended from one man - an Englishman who settled there 150 years ago.

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December 24, 2013
Globalization and Democracy Can Coexist
Seth Mandel, Commentary
In some very real ways, it doesn’t matter how rich China gets if those with all the money will only park it in New York City. The same goes for Russia, though proximity to Europe seems to predispose that money toward... more ››
December 20, 2013
America: From Globalization to Isolationism
Edward Goldberg, RCW
Uncertain of its role in the globalized world that it nurtured, the United States is being pressured internationally and domestically to re-think its commitment as the world's cop. Internationally, the role of cop has defined... more ››