December 30, 2013

Why Do Americans Like Revolutions?

Zachary Keck, The Diplomat

Revolutions are the antithesis to America’s own history, and to its geostrategic and normative interests.

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December 24, 2013
Sorry Haters, but America Is Not the Grinch
John Norris, Foreign Policy
Sorry, haters, when it comes to foreign aid -- of all sorts -- the United States is far and away the most generous nation on Earth. more ››
December 20, 2013
America: From Globalization to Isolationism
Edward Goldberg, RCW
Uncertain of its role in the globalized world that it nurtured, the United States is being pressured internationally and domestically to re-think its commitment as the world's cop. Internationally, the role of cop has defined... more ››
December 18, 2013
Nero in the White House
John Bolton, Washington Times
Nero “fiddled,” so they say, while Rome burned. Today, this epigram all too accurately describes President Obama’s approach to U.S. national security. For five years, he has resolutely consigned foreign and defense issues... more ››
December 18, 2013
Why Does U.S. Only Fear Hypothetical Nukes?
Zachary Keck, Diplomat
In general, the U.S. foreign policy community does not seem overly concerned with existing nuclear stockpiles, particularly when compared with its excessive concerns over the hypothetical ones. This is nothing new: when China was... more ››
December 19, 2013
Why Other Countries Teach Better
New York Times
Millions of laid-off American factory workers were the first to realize that they were competing against job seekers around the globe with comparable skills but far smaller paychecks. But a similar fate also awaits workers who... more ››