January 4, 2014

China, the Next Space Superpower

Eliza Strickland, IEEE Spectrum

The Associated Press

China’s space program differs from those of other nations in part because of the nation’s political structure: A single-party government with a bevy of strong state-owned enterprises can get a lot done. And the Chinese government has committed fully to its space program, seeing it as a way to win global prestige. While China is just now meeting milestones that the United States and the former Soviet Union passed decades ago, the Chinese government’s unflagging support means that its program is quickly catching up.

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January 2, 2014
2014: Good Year for a Great War?
Graham Allison, The National Interest
As we enter 2014, war between great powers seems almost inconceivable. But if we start at the other end of the telescope by imagining that a Great War with some similarities to World War I actually happened, what could future... more ››
January 2, 2014
Shrine Flap Threatens U.S.-Asia Hopes
Benny Avni, New York Post
Encouraging Asian democracies to jointly stand up for themselves against China turns out to be trickier than we’d hoped, as fast-chilling relations between South Korea and Japan demonstrate. more ››
January 2, 2014
Asia May Lose Manufacturing Jobs ... to U.S.
Tamsin McMahon, Maclean's
With its 1.5 million factory workers earning as little as $300 a month to make iPhones, laptops and PlayStations, the Chinese behemoth Foxconn has become a potent symbol of America’s manufacturing decline and the transfer of... more ››
January 1, 2014
Better Scrap That War with China in 2014
Peter Lee, Asia Times
At the end of 2011, in an article on this site titled "Maybe that war with China isn't so far off after all", I drew that gloomy conclusion because the United States, thanks to the justifications, excuses, and pretexts... more ››
January 1, 2014
America Caught Behaving Like China
Greg Scoblete, RealClearWorld
If there's been one consistent theme running through the revelations provided by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, it's that the gulf between what the U.S. says on the global stage and what it does in practice is anywhere from huge to... more ››