January 6, 2014

Where Are Britain's Interventionists?

Elliot Burns, The Commentator

The Associated Press

Foreign interventionism is out of fashion. But what becomes of the British Right if it emulates the politically correct relativism of the Left and does exactly what Reagan and Thatcher refused to do: bow down to or ignore tyranny?

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January 1, 2014
The Moral Challenges of Our Time
New Statesman
It is in times of economic scarcity that the need for moral leadership is greatest. The financial crisis and years of austerity have returned to the fore the ethical questions that were too often ignored during the pre-crash era.... more ››
January 1, 2014
UK, France More in Common Than They'd Admit
Howard Davies, FT
They'd be loathe to admit, but France and Britain have a lot in common. more ››
December 31, 2013
A World Economy on the Brink of Fracture
Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
What will happen in 2014? The Chinese economy will slow; the price of oil will sink; Germany will slide into recession; the UK will remain intact and the internet will begin to Balkanise. more ››
January 1, 2014
Britain at a Crossroads
Mark Bostridge, Daily Telegraph
A hundred years ago today, on January 1 1914, many people in Britain awoke to the new year with a sense of foreboding about the future. The Archbishop of York, Cosmo Gordon Lang, gave expression to this feeling in his New Year... more ››
January 2, 2014
Scotland's Independence Bid Obliterated
Robin Mitchinson, Commentator
Writing from the Isle of Man -- from where you can physically see England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland -- offers perspective. This Manx writer explains why Scotland just isn't going to vote "yes" to independence in 2014. SNP... more ››