January 8, 2014

Wanted: Big Ideas for India

NV Krishnakumar, Times of India

The Associated Press

India's next Prime Minister must not only think big, they must have the courage to push through their ideas.

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While there will be much punditry about these elections, the precise outcome of many of them is very uncertain. What is far more sure, however, is that foreign political consultants will be working behind the scenes in many of... more ››
January 2, 2014
2014: A Year of Global Political Fireworks
Michael Moran, Global Post
Some of the largest nations on Earth — along with some of the most violent — will hold important elections in the coming year, any of which could affect the global political landscape profoundly. more ››
January 2, 2014
Don't Pin Global Homophobia on Britain
James Kirchick, Daily Beast
It is too simple to say anti-gay laws in the developing world are merely vestiges of British colonialism. The problem is older, and more complex. more ››
January 1, 2014
How to Solve the India-U.S. Spat
Walter Russell Mead, TAI
The tiny Indian Foreign Service (just 1,750 people) is an elite body of carefully selected, extremely well-trained and very intelligent career civil servants. The IFS faces some problems, though. First, it is so small that it has... more ››
January 3, 2014
The Strange Case of Manmohan Singh
Joshua Keating, Slate
In the abstract, it’s hard to imagine a situation under which a leader retires after a decade-long tenure under which more than 137 million people were lifted out of poverty and be generally considered a disappointing ... more ››