January 10, 2014

Why the Suddenly Aggressive Behavior by China?

Gary Schmitt, Los Angeles Times

The Associated Press

It would be difficult to believe that Chinese leaders did not expect a negative reaction from its neighbors and the United States when it announced the creation of an expansive air defense identification zone over the East China Sea in late November. But that raises the question of why those leaders are behaving the way they are when China has so many domestic problems that need urgent attention, and when China's continued growth and ability to deal with those problems depends on a stable international order. Why pick fights now?

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January 6, 2014
China's Kids Want a Movie, a Coke & Big Macs
John Jewell, Conversation
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January 6, 2014
Weed Won't Hurt U.S. in Contest with China
Matt Schiavenza, Atlantic
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January 6, 2014
Why China and Japan Might Go to War
James Holmes, National Interest
Let's not understate the likelihood of war in East Asia or kid ourselves that the United States can remain aloof should China and Japan enter the lists. It's tough for Westerners to fathom the nature of the competition or the... more ››
January 6, 2014
Why a U.S.-China 'G-2' Won't Work
James Jay Carafano, National Interest
China is a mercantilist power in a globalized world. That inconsistency creates friction that can’t be greased over -- not even if White is right and Beijing increases its power dramatically in its half of the world. more ››