January 14, 2014

His Eye Was Not Dim

Elliott Abrams, Commentary Magazine

The Associated Press

Ariel Sharon often seemed bluff and simple, and he would play that role: in discussions with his kitchen cabinet down at his ranch (they called it the “farm forum”), he would react to some erudite advice by saying: “I am a simple farmer, not a professor. Explain that again, in simple terms so even I can understand it.” But Sharon was not so simple: he was at different times clever, smart, devious, emotional, unemotional, funny, dry, tough, compromising, unyielding. He was a pariah who transformed himself by the end of his public career into an extremely successful politician and widely admired statesman. Nicknamed the “bulldozer” for both his physical appearance and his military tactics, in politics he was unpredictable and wily. A hero of the right for decades until his...

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January 12, 2014
A Ruthless Warrior Who Could Have Made Peace
Ronen Bergman, NYT
If Mr. Sharon had not had a stroke in 2006, which led, ultimately, to his death on Saturday, he would most likely have reached a peace agreement with the Palestinians. And he would have used his powerful personality and... more ››
January 12, 2014
Ariel Sharon: Warrior, Farmer, Leader
Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy
Love him or hate him, Ariel Sharon was a stunningly consequential, larger than life, and historic figure the likes of whom we will not see again. For those Palestinians, Arabs, and even Israelis who will never forget or forgive... more ››
January 12, 2014
Sharon's Masterstroke: The Gaza Withdrawal
Fabio Rafael Fiallo, RCW
Much to the dismay of his detractors -- and he had many -- Ariel Sharon secured a distinct place in history when he made the watershed decision in 2005 to unilaterally withdraw Israeli forces and settlers from the Gaza Strip. ... more ››
Since Sharon’s departure, Israel has lacked leadership that acknowledges the limits of power, maintains its alliance with the U.S., displays political courage in the territories and won’t be deterred by the settlers. more ››