January 14, 2014

Why Maduro Is Spinning Ms. Venezuela Murder

Tim Padgett, Miami Herald

The Associated Press

Maduro has proven a less-than-competent head of state. But he did learn the art of deflection from his late mentor, left-wing firebrand Hugo Chávez. And he’s used it effectively by blaming Venezuela’s economic crises on a “right-wing conspiracy” instead of socialist mismanagement. Now he’s bringing that instinct to Venezuela’s criminal chaos. Maduro knows that voters will be more outraged if a popular celebrity like Spear turns out to be the victim of an indiscriminate mayhem their government seems helpless to check. But they’re apt to be less so if they think the crime was a coldly calculated hit — a treacherous plot that authorities have less control over.

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January 5, 2014
Venezuela, A State of Emergency
Boris Munoz, America Economia
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