January 15, 2014

Pollard Betrayed America, Don't Trust Him

M.E. Bowman, New York Times

The Associated Press

Every few years, there is an orchestrated attempt to forge popular support for Mr. Pollard’s release. It is now happening again.

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Israel would be better off recognizing the reality in Jerusalem, instead of using municipal tools to annex territory and deprive Palestinian residents. more ››
January 2, 2014
2014: The Year U.S. Jews Lose the Israel Debate?
Peter Beinart, Haaretz
It’s sadly ironic. The organized American Jewish community has spent decades building influence in Washington. But it’s succeeded too well. By making it too politically painful for Obama to push Netanyahu toward a two-state... more ››
January 2, 2014
Jesus of Palestine?
Clifford May, Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Only in the 1960s, with the rise of Yasser Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Organization, did the term "Palestinian" begin to exclude Palestinian Jews. Many who employ the term also exclude those Palestinian Arabs who hold... more ››
January 6, 2014
The Palestinian Authority's Pitiful Argument
Barry Rubin, J'lem Post
The basic construction of the argument is this: We fought and attacked Israelis and yet throughout the years, only the Israelis were responsible for our suffering. How can the PA make peace with Israel? How credible can it be?... more ››
January 2, 2014
For Israel, 2013 Was a Wasted Year
Aviad Kleinberg, Ynet News
If Israelis want a just, humane, peace-seeking and egalitarian country, 2013 was a waste of time. more ››