January 15, 2014

The EU's Flop of a Foreign Policy

Tony Barber, Financial Times

The Associated Press

In foreign policy as in fiscal matters and business regulation, the EU likes rules, formats, labels and summits. But two of the EU’s most elaborate foreign policy initiatives – the 2008 Union for the Mediterranean and the 2009 Eastern Partnership – are faltering badly.

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January 13, 2014
Trust the People on Europe? Whatever Next!
Boris Johnson, Telegraph
I don’t often get to read the entire transcript of debates in the House of Lords, but the other day I found myself mesmerised by the one on the EU referendum that was initiated last Friday by the thriller writer Michael ... more ››
January 11, 2014
The Ukraine You're Not Hearing About
Volodymyr Ishchenko, Eurozine
Leading academics signed an open letter supporting the Euromaidan protests and European values at the turn of 2014. One might have expected a more critical and nuanced position of them, writes Volodymyr Ishchenko. For they ignore... more ››
January 10, 2014
Danish Pastries Violate EU Law
Jan Olsen, Associated Press
Easy on the cinnamon! That advice from Denmark's food authority has rankled pastry chefs whose cinnamon rolls were found to violate the European Union's spice rules. more ››
January 13, 2014
Cameron's Euro Agony a Disaster for Britain
Peter Mandelson, London ES
It’s not just the Tory party that risks being torn apart by the referendum bill and yesterday’s letter from Eurosceptics. more ››
January 13, 2014
Stuck in the EU Club, but Chafing at Its Rules
Daily Telegraph
David Cameron believes it is possible to reform the EU from within. But he should keep the weapon of leaving the union close to hand. more ››