January 16, 2014

U.S. in Space: Superiority, Not Dominance

Travis Stalcup, The Diplomat

The Associated Press

Director Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film, Gravity is a sci-fi thriller about a lone astronaut fighting to live where “life is impossible.” Following a Russian missile strike against an aging spy satellite that shreds the American space shuttle and its crew, protagonist and mission scientist Sandra Bullock struggles to evade a predictable but lethal field of orbiting debris. 

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January 16, 2014
Rand Paul on Diplomacy
Rand Paul, The National Interest
When I was about ten years old, I used to play chess with an old Ukrainian named Pete Karpenko. Captain Pete, as we called him, told us stories of fighting the Bolsheviks when he was fourteen years old. He and his family were... more ››
January 6, 2014
Why a U.S.-China 'G-2' Won't Work
James Jay Carafano, National Interest
China is a mercantilist power in a globalized world. That inconsistency creates friction that can’t be greased over -- not even if White is right and Beijing increases its power dramatically in its half of the world. more ››
January 6, 2014
What Would Woodrow Wilson Say About the UN?
Conrad Black, Natl Post
The United Nations has become an exercise in virtual theatre, a perpetual Gong Show in which the underdeveloped (economically and otherwise) majority extends the frontiers of perversity by their provocations of the advanced... more ››
January 7, 2014
Moral Case for Ending the U.S. Cold War with Iran
Peter Beinart, Atlantic
The stakes are higher than restraining Tehran's nuclear program. Improved relations may be our last best hope of ending the Syrian civil war. more ››
January 5, 2014
Rising Tides and Drowning Citizens
Japan Times
U.S. President Barack Obama calls rising inequality “the defining challenge of our time” and promised to make it the focus of his remaining three years in office. A survey of elites by the World Economic Forum... more ››