January 17, 2014

Are You Jewish Enough to Oppose Iran Sanctions?

J. Goldberg, Bloomberg

Washington Post

Left-leaning Jews feel anxious when the warmonger label is attached to their community; they seek -- as Kleiman is doing -- to dissociate themselves from Jews, and Jewish groups, they find embarrassing. Meanwhile, right-leaning Jews, like many Israelis, feel anxiety about Iran itself. Its threats to eliminate the Jewish state create special worry for Israel’s supporters in the U.S., particularly when they’ve convinced themselves that Obama is an appeaser. Indeed, this Jewish anxiety -- on both sides of the debate -- grows from the fact that we live in an era during which the U.S. president (whom the majority of American Jews support) is in almost constant low-grade conflict with Israeli prime minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. Such periods are never comfortable for...

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