January 19, 2014

China's Unprecedented Political Reforms

Elizabeth Economy, The Diplomat

The Associated Press

Unprecedented, if tighter control can actually be considered political reform, that is.

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January 6, 2014
Why China and Japan Might Go to War
James Holmes, National Interest
Let's not understate the likelihood of war in East Asia or kid ourselves that the United States can remain aloof should China and Japan enter the lists. It's tough for Westerners to fathom the nature of the competition or the... more ››
January 7, 2014
Are China, Japan & Korea Fanning Flames of War?
J. Everard, Telegraph
There is no political framework to settle the rancorous confrontation in the South China Sea over the sovereignty of disputed islands between Japan, China and South Korea. more ››
January 7, 2014
Premature Talk of Chinese Hegemony
Tom Switzer, Sydney Morning H'ld
Talk of Chinese hegemony is premature, and reports of America's retreat are greatly exaggerated. Take Obama's decision to fly B-2 and B-52 bombers over Korea and the disputed islands in the East China Sea in March and November,... more ››
January 6, 2014
Weed Won't Hurt U.S. in Contest with China
Matt Schiavenza, Atlantic
The legalization of marijuana, effective New Year's Day in Colorado and Washington, has divided American journalists, who seemed to spend much of the last three days re-litigating the subject. On Thursday, The New York Times'... more ››
January 6, 2014
China's Kids Want a Movie, a Coke & Big Macs
John Jewell, Conversation
It’s clear that the financial influence of China is now global: it has invested $75 billion in Africa over the last 10 years in large infrastructure projects while China’s state news agency, Xinhua, has nearly 30 bureaus in... more ››