January 20, 2014

U.S. Chooses Wrong Allies in Egypt

Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

The Associated Press

While a minority of Egyptian voters straggled to the polls last week to ratify a new constitution enshrining a police state; while emerging strongman Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi theatrically prepared to announce whether he will deign to become president; and while Secretary of State John Kerry pronounced himself “hopeful — though not yet certain” that the military regime’s promised transition to democracy is on track, the most genuine and committed supporters of a secular liberal order in Egypt were sitting in Cairo’s Tora prison.

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January 17, 2014
U.S. Making Things Worse in the Middle East
Fareed Zakaria, Wash Post
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Where did Tunisia go right, and Egypt so wrong? One difference lies in the character of the Islamist groupings that won the first free elections in each country. more ››
January 16, 2014
Christian Coptic Kids Terrorized in Egypt
Ray Ibrahim, Commentator
Another Coptic Christian child was recently kidnapped in Egypt, raising fears about his safety after the torture and murder of other kidnapped children whether the ransom is ultimately paid or not, according to reports from... more ››
January 16, 2014
Egypt's Self-Defeating Crackdowns
Max Fisher, Washington Post
The arc of history seems to bend toward status quo in today's Egypt. This week, Egyptians are voting on a popular referendum to approve or reject a new constitution. It's the second such constitutional referendum since the... more ››
January 16, 2014
Does Egypt's Vote Matter?
Ursula Lindsey, New York Times
On Tuesday, the first day of a two-day referendum on Egypt’s new constitution, voters outside the main polling station in this provincial city didn’t want to talk about the content of the new national charter. ... more ››