January 26, 2014

Quebec's Dangerous 'Values' Charter

Jake Flanagin, The Atlantic

The Canadian province is debating whether to prohibit public employees from wearing clothing with "overt" religious symbolism.

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January 20, 2014
Quebec's Embarrassing French Connection
Lise Ravary, National Post
Unlike some Canadians who boast Irish or Ukrainian roots, Quebecers rarely mention their ancestry. The “French” in French-Canadian refers to the language, not to the people of France, whom Quebecer’s... more ››
January 24, 2014
Rob Ford: Why Canada Isn't Laughing
Gary Mason, Globe and Mail
There was a time when Canadians revelled in the Rob Ford story. Toronto is the city that many in the country love to hate, after all. And its mayor was giving those who long ago tired of the city’s perceived self-importance and... more ››
January 24, 2014
Harper's Unseemly Fawning over Israel
Rick Salutin, Toronto Star
I can’t think of anything comparable in the Canadian past or anyone’s: taking a huge tribute delegation to simply pay homage to another state in its current incarnation, while packing along much of your government and... more ››
January 25, 2014
Canada Steps Up for Israel
Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post
Israel is in a far different position than it was 20 years ago. During Harper’s visit, Canada and Israel updated their free trade agreement and signed a number of other agreements enhancing cooperation in multiple fields. ... more ››
January 26, 2014
Israel Just a Campaign Stop for Harper
Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
“It’s the re-election! This is the million-dollar shot!” – Conservative MP Mark Adler Just as for military theorist Carl von Clausewitz war was the continuation of Politik by other means, so for Prime Minister Stephen... more ››