January 27, 2014

Can Ukraine Escape Putin?

Kelly McParland, National Post

The Associated Press

Ukraine's future is tied up with Russia, can it break free?

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January 26, 2014
Kiev's Deadly Russian Bear Hug
The Australian
With his back to the wall, the Ukraine President is now seeking to coax leaders of the uprising to join his government. But the public remains outraged over the decision to junk the crucial EU deal, as well as the imposition of a... more ››
TO MANY Ukrainians, the calculations of President Viktor Yanukovych might seem baffling. Having triggered a mass protest movement by turning his back on an association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, the... more ››
January 23, 2014
Terror Threat to the Sochi Games Is Real
Ronald Crelinsten, Ottawa Cit.
Sochi is sandwiched between mountains and the Black Sea, and is therefore quite easy to protect. A “ring of steel” surrounds the venue, including cameras, drones, and some 40,000 police and military personnel. It would be... more ››
January 24, 2014
For Putin, Everything Is Riding on Sochi
Brett Forrest, ESPN The Magazine
Like almost no national leader before him, Putin has expended personal capital on these Olympics. In 2007 he presented Russia's Olympic bid -- speaking in both English and French, which surprised most everyone -- to the... more ››
January 25, 2014
David Satter: The Man Putin Punted
Kenneth Weinstein, RealClearWorld
Last month, journalist and Hudson Institute fellow David Satter was expelled from Russia after being denied a renewal of his work visa. Satter, a well-known critic of Russia's civil rights abuses, had been residing in Moscow... more ››