January 27, 2014

The Egyptian Disaster

Roger Cohen, New York Times

The Associated Press

In Davos, Secretary of State John Kerry talked for a long time about Iran. He talked for a long time about Syria. He talked for a very long time about Israel-Palestine. And he had nothing to say about Egypt.

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The toxic political environment and legal black hole generated by this "anti-terrorist" witch hunt shapes the real impact of the referendum vote. The crushing of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is so popular with the group's... more ››
January 21, 2014
Egypt's Constitutional Farce
Will the constitution approved through a referendum that was hardly transparent give peace and stability to Egypt? The entire exercise is suspect because of the political ambitions developed by army chief Gen Abel Fattah al-Sisi,... more ››
January 20, 2014
Anthropology, Not Politics, Rules in Egypt
Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
In the past three years since the overthrow of the Hosni Mubarak's government, on my regular visits to Cairo I have watched with fascination, pride and hope the birth of Arab citizens and the sudden emergence of a public... more ››
January 20, 2014
Freedom the Biggest Loser in Egypt
Amir Taheri, New York Post
It’s too soon to say if they jumped from the frying pan into the fire. What is certain is that the military is determined to roll back the Arab Spring and restore its hold on power. This will be the main theme of Egyptian... more ››
January 20, 2014
U.S. Chooses Wrong Allies in Egypt
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
While a minority of Egyptian voters straggled to the polls last week to ratify a new constitution enshrining a police state; while emerging strongman Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi theatrically prepared to announce whether he will... more ››