January 29, 2014

Fear and Shame: Domestic Violence in China

Kim Lee, New York Times

The All-China Women’s Federation reports that nearly 25 percent of married women in China have experienced domestic violence. But the abuse is far more prevalent than those numbers show: A large percentage of attacks go unreported. When women find the courage to go to the police, they most often meet the kind of resistance I did. Meanwhile, the legal system favors men — even abusive men — leaving desperate women few options.

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In this case, the best way to walk that fine line is to be more, not less, present in the region. If the nations of East and Southeast Asia know they can count on a U.S. presence, they are more likely to band together to quietly... more ››
January 27, 2014
The End of Childhood in Asia
Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
The freedom and innocence of youth has been cruelly foreshortened by the imperative to train early -- through a joyless regime of coaching classes and entrance exams enforced by tiger moms, dragon teachers and other fierce... more ››
January 27, 2014
Why Is the U.S. Helping China Find Oil?
Adam Pasick, Quartz
If the group finds oil deposits, as a previous research expedition did in the late 1990s, it will raise the diplomatic stakes for the countries vying for control of the South China Sea waterways and islands, such as the Spratleys... more ››
January 26, 2014
China Chokes on U.S. Biotech Corn
Chicago Tribune
China took advantage of falling grain prices last month to lay in a huge supply. The Middle Kingdom imported 820,968 metric tons of corn and corn-based animal feed. Most of it came from the American Midwest. But somewhere... more ››
January 26, 2014
Radio Beijing in the Middle East
Joseph Braude, The American Interest
China’s Arabic-language television and radio outreach efforts don’t compare to America’s in traditional measures like audience size. But sometimes how many people are tuning in isn’t as important as who is tuning in. more ››