January 31, 2014

How Kerry Put Netanyahu in a Bind

Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is obviously getting somewhere in his attempt to achieve a framework agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, because all the right people -- the far-right people -- are going a little nuts.

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January 29, 2014
Why John Kerry Is So Scary
Thomas Friedman, New York Times
It is pretty clear now that Secretary of State John Kerry will either be diplomatic salvation for Israel or the most dangerous diplomatic fanatic Israel has ever encountered. But there isn’t much room anymore for anything in... more ››
January 29, 2014
Kerry Is Wasting His Time in the Mideast
Kara Bue, CS Monitor
While forging a peace deal that ensures the security of Israel and the dignity of the Palestinians is a worthy goal, it is a long shot. Secretary of State John Kerry would be better served pursuing vital US interests in Africa,... more ››
January 30, 2014
John Kerry: Master of the Interim Deal
David Ignatius, Washington Post
For Secretary of State John Kerry, diplomacy has centered on what might be called the art of the interim deal. He has tackled two of the world's toughest issues -- the Iranian nuclear program and the Israeli-Palestinian problem... more ››
January 31, 2014
Obama's Legacy Now in Kerry's Hands
Michael Hirsh, National Journal
John Kerry seems to know exactly what he wants. Whether his president, much less the rest of Washington, is fully behind him is another matter. Despite President Obama's repeated endorsement of "American diplomacy" in his State... more ››
A unilateral withdrawal would almost certainly leave Jerusalem, including the areas captured in the 1967 war, under Israeli control. Palestinians want the eastern part of Jerusalem as their future capital. more ››