February 5, 2014

The Truth About Thailand's 'Democrats'

Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald

The Associated Press

The country once known as the Land of Smiles now wears a permanent grimace.

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February 3, 2014
Only Losers in Thailand's Elections
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February 3, 2014
Thailand's Looming Crisis
Peter Mellgard & Walter Mead, American Interest
Thailand’s struggles touch on issues that Thais for various reasons don’t like to speak openly and frankly about: the role of the monarchy, the health of the king and ethnic and regional divisions inside the country.... more ››
February 4, 2014
Democracy in Thailand, Interrupted
New York Times
These are dark days in Thailand, where an election on Sunday was disrupted by protesters whose demands for a suspension of democracy could lead to greater chaos. The country’s constitutional monarchy has faced coups and... more ››
February 1, 2014
3 Ways to Stop Thailand from Going to Hell
David Stout, Time
Residents in Bangkok are on edge. After four years of tenuous peace in the capital, Bangkok appears poised for another round of violence this weekend. Thailand‘s urban elite and middle class residents have grown desperate... more ››
January 31, 2014
A Way Out of Thailand's Political Crisis
The Economist
For more than three months Bangkok has been the scene of confrontation, as huge protests have shut down the government district and other parts of the capital. A snap general election is due on February 2nd, but the opposition... more ››