February 9, 2014

Putin's Western Critics Botch It

Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times

The Associated Press

Media interest in the alleged corruption around Olympic construction has been obsessive.

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February 2, 2014
U.S. Hypocrisy over Russia's Anti-Gay Laws
Ayres & Eskridge, Wash Post
Putin has assured the International Olympic Committee that the law is merely symbolic. But in the United States, officially sanctioned anti-gay prejudice has contributed to classroom bullying and to the high level of suicides... more ››
February 6, 2014
Why Is Vladimir Putin Smiling?
John Fund, National Review
Barack Obama has proven that he can dominate and intimidate his domestic political opposition — Republicans still feel the sting of his “take no prisoners” negotiating style on the budget and debt limit. Obama the Chicago... more ››
February 3, 2014
Putin Is Losing the Sochi Olympic Game
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
This was to be the week Vladi­mir Putin reintroduced Russia to the world: a confident, economically booming power whose influence in Eastern Europe and the Middle East is coming back; whose ability to block and counter the... more ››
February 6, 2014
No More Mr. Nice Putin
Fiona Hill & Steven Pifer, Los Angeles Times
Russia's president wants nothing to spoil the Sochi Olympic Games. But they will come and go, and the less kind, less gentle Putin will be back. more ››
February 5, 2014
Putin Doctrine Brings Civil War to Ukraine
Kirill Rogov, Eurozine
A surge of state violence and the subsequent curtailment of citizens' right to protest, combined with an expansion of the authorities' right to use force: Kirill Rogov reveals how the "Putin doctrine" previously applied to... more ››