February 14, 2014

The Banality of Soviet Evil

Jonah Goldberg, National Review

The Associated Press

In America, we constantly, almost obsessively, wrestle with the “legacy of slavery.” That speaks well of us. But what does it say that so few care that the Soviet Union was built — literally — on the legacy of slavery? The founding fathers of the Russian Revolution — Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky — started “small,” merely throwing hundreds of thousands of people into kontslagerya (concentration camps).

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February 7, 2014
Putin's Fraught Games
David Remnick, The New Yorker
Putin, it is safe to say, does not want the Winter Games in Sochi to resemble the fraught events of Moscow in the summer of 1980. To some extent, it is too late: the reports of fantastical cost overruns and corruption, the... more ››
February 6, 2014
If You're Going to Sochi, Take a Flak Jacket
Alex Berezow, RealClearWorld
If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you're going to Sochi, however, you might want to consider a flak jacket. more ››
February 7, 2014
Sochi Haunted by Forgotten Genocide
Oliver Bullough, The New Republic
Beginning Friday night, hundreds of millions of people will tune in to the Winter Olympics, which Russia hopes will prove to the world that the country has re-emerged as a world power after its long, post-Soviet funk—and that... more ››
February 7, 2014
Olympics Actually Don't Unite the Globe
Michael Rubin, Foreign Policy
As Russia stumbles from one embarrassing snafu to the next in the lead-up to the Sochi games, at least one thing is certain: The 22nd Winter Olympics will be both the most controversial since 1980, when much of the free world... more ››
February 7, 2014
As Olympics Arrive, Russia Experiences Downturn
Steven Myers, NYT
The Games are a crowning moment for Mr. Putin, a chance to demonstrate anew his mastery of the global levers of power, but perhaps not for the country he governs. With Russia’s natural-resource dependent economy slowing as... more ››